Hairy creatures

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It occurred to me recently in my twisted, mossy, stygian, cavernous imagination that little furry animals lurk everywhere in our pop culture memories. Even animals that are decidedly not cuddly alligators, giraffes, killer whales, microscopic viruses have been made into cutesy plushie versions at this point. Especially to kids.

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When scientists visit a tucked-away part of the planet—say, a deep-ocean hydrothermal vent or an isolated jungle mountain—they routinely find dozens of species that have never been documented. It's discoveries like these that allow folks who believe in mythical beasts such as Bigfoot, the Loch Ness Monster and El Chupacabra to hold out hope that these creatures actually do exist. In most cases, hope is all they have, as the scientific evidence for these 10 animals of urban legend simply isn't very convincing.

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While our primary concern is with foreign policy, Transmission is also a place for the ideas -- some serious, some irreverent -- that bubble up from our bureaus. Search Search. Kazakhstan Kyrgyzstan Tajikistan Turkmenistan Uzbekistan.

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Alabama legend says this specter comes to children after dark to squeeze them and scream in their ears. Although she never harmed anyone, the thought of a hug from Miss Molly is enough to make kids keep curfew. Have you heard of The Mogollon Monster?

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When we start talking about Bigfoot, we are also talking about Sasquatch. Both describe the same tall, hairy human-like species that many people believe lives hidden in the forests. And there are a lot more names out there for similar creatures.

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Posted March 30, by Susana Fares Mazloum under. Having a bad hair day? For humans, hairy or furry animals can be fun to pet.

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Senseless crime overnight at the Metro Vancouver Zoo in Aldergrove. Mia may be agitated and has very sharp teeth so she should not be approached. Story here.

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The pitter-patter of tiny, hairy feet filled the sweet tropical air one afternoon in July Several children at the Lautoka Methodist Mission School, Fiji, claimed they had seen and chased eight small hairy creatures in reeds near their school. Students from the Lautoka Methodist Mission School have reported seeing about eight mysterious little figures, believed to be dwarfs, in reeds near the school.

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We are just 90 minutes from San Jose. We are committed to providing our guest with the best service from the first encounter we make with you. Some of the animals you'll expect to see are crocodiles, sloths, caimans, different species of monkeys, and more than birds species to include the sunbitter, and the whistling-duck!

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An efficient word for your sibling's kids. Help your kids build their vocabulary! Test your knowledge of these commonly confused words! Is there one standard way?


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