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When the pointer moves outside the bounds of the array, some implementations will give an error message, some will try to extend the array dynamically, some will not notice and will produce undefined behavior , and a few will move the pointer to the opposite end of the array.

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Melzac, whose one instruction set computer is equivalent to an Infinite Abacus, gives programs for multiplication, gcd, n t prime number, representation in base b, sorting by magnitude, and shows how to simulate an arbitrary Turing machine.

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While it is fully Turing complete , it is not intended for practical use, but to challenge and amuse programmers.

Description: This is partly because any mildly complex task requires a long sequence of commands, and partly it is because the program's text gives no direct indications of the program's state. Some implementations set the cell at the pointer to 0, some set it to the C constant EOF in practice this is usually -1 , some leave the cell's value unchanged.

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