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Bend your knees and place your feet wide apart. Different styles of speculums work slightly differently, but all have two bills and a handle. Use the lever to open the bills until the lock clicks.

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Think of your cervix as the gatekeeper to your uterus. Lots of things—like tampons, fingers, penises, sex toys, and other germ-carrying items—can get to your cervix, but they aren't getting past it. Likewise, there are things—like mucous, menstrual blood, and the occasional baby—that need to get out of your uterus.

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Administrators were fired for mishandling the complaints against T y ndall, but significant damage had already been done: More than 25 former patients relayed their stories to the Times, and over more called a USC hotline to report wrongdoing after the initial article came out. Former USC student Chelsea Wu told the Times that Tyndall asked probing sexual questions and made uncomfortable comments about her body while his fingers were inside her. A visit to the gynecologist should be thorough and methodical.

A pelvic exam is where a doctor or nurse practitioner looks at a girl's reproductive organs both outside and internally. This includes feeling a girl's uterus and ovaries to be sure everything's normal. Teens don't usually get pelvic exams. Sometimes doctors do pelvic exams if they think there's a problem.

Each gallery showcases a series of photos of different cervices. There are no external genitalia visible in any of the photos, but they are all taken by using a speculum to open the vagina to view the cervix. Please view at your discretion.

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Request an Appointment. Refer a Patient. A pelvic ultrasound is a test doctors use to see the organs inside your pelvis.

While not recommended by medical professionals, some women give themselves vaginal and cervical self-exams. Supporters of these exams say they help women learn what is normal, allowing women to more quickly recognize changes—a way that you can get to know your body better. It is not diagnostic since few vaginal diseases can be diagnosed visually.

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Donate Shop. If your doctor suspects you have uterine cancer, you may have some of the following tests, but you are unlikely to need all of them. The main tests for diagnosing cancer of the uterus are transvaginal ultrasoundexamination of the lining of the uterus hysteroscopy and tissue sampling biopsy.

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Please refresh the page and retry. What will happen? Sexuality, culture or faith can make it difficult for some women to see a male doctor.

Indications: The pelvic exam is typically done in a number of settings: As part of cervical cancer screening, which involves a PAP smear. For an average risk woman, this is offered starting at age 21, and is repeated every 3 years if the findings are normal. Beginning at age 30, adding testing for HPV can allow the interval to be extended to every 5 years assuming everything is normal.


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