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My Southern Pear. Bulletin Board. Travis J.

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In many cases the answer is the haggard-looking pear tree that survives in spite of untold years of neglect. Even with some dead limbs and crowding by other trees, it produces at least some fruit each year, and deer continue to visit. Under favorable growing conditions, a mature, full-sized pear tree produces three to 30 bushels of fruit each year.

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Call to Order! One variety in a vast category of Asian pears, the Shinseiki are medium-sized, round, have yellow skin and are desirable because they are tasty when crisp at harvest as well as ripened to a softer, but still firm, texture after many months in cold storage. Most Asian pears appeal to people who prefer apples like Granny Smiths over Red Delicious and a pear that is crisper, less juicy, and desirable for salads, tortes, roasted meat and other dishes that benefit from lower sugary juice content.

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Pyrus pyrifolia, or Asian pears, are a large group of pears that have a crisp texture when fully ripened, unlike European pears that must be softened prior to eating. They are often referred to as a salad pear due to their firm texture. Asian pears are self fertile but produce a better crop when two or more varieties are planted together. Cooler summers will delay the ripening process but a warmer one will hasten it.

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Asian pears comprise a large group of pears that are crisp in texture and, when mature, are good to eat as soon as harvested or for several months after picking if held in cold storage. This ready-to-eat feature may make them more acceptable to some people than European pears that are usually served when soft and juicy, which takes about a week to occur after removal from cold storage. Asian pears do not change texture after picking or storage as do European pears such as Bartlett or Comice.

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There is something special about being picking a piece of fruit off a tree in your own garden. Some trees can grow to take up a lot of space while others can be kept quite small to adapt to your garden size. If you live in an urban jungle with little space on your patio or a home in suburbia with plenty of surrounding space in your backyard — there is always a way to create a thriving outdoor space full of fruitful plants, shrubs, and trees.

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Southern California is hardly considered apple and pear country--citrus and avocado country, to be sure, but not apple and pear country. The weather simply does not stay cold enough long enough here for trees to produce apples or pears of the common varieties. There is a ray of sunshine, however.

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Call to Order! You get the best of both fruits. Once you smell the tempting fragrance of the Yoinashi, you'll know it's a pear. Yet, like an apple, the outside of the fruit is crisp, firm and round.

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Characterized by their round shape and crisp, juicy texture, these eastern-indigenous pears are a treat to enjoy right off the tree! SinceStark Bro's has promised to please customers with the very best fruit trees and landscaping products, no matter what. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, let us know within a year of delivery and we will send you a free one-time replacement or a refund of the full purchase price.

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Grow your own food or add some shade to your landscape. Bob Wells Nursery has the plants you need and the expertise to help. Bring your yard and garden to life.


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