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He has a lean build, medium-length white hair, and delicate facial features.

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Pegasus, the most well-known villain of Yu-Gi-Oh: Duel Monsters , sports long white hair and flamboyant mannerisms.

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Whis is the campiest character in the entire show but uses his immense power to help people in spite of the fact that his job is to stand aside and watch Beerus destroy things.

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How Dragon Ball Super Solves the “Sissy Villain” Problem

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This was no doubt facilitated by his long hair, slender shape, and feminine face, classic traits of gay coded villains.

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Seeing his character revered and respected by the traditionally masculine characters went far towards endearing me to the series and making me feel a little more welcome in a genre that tries to shut me out.

Description: Dragon Ball Super manages to avoid this trap by including multiple gay coded characters, allowing the audience to witness various types of representation and choose who to relate to.

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