Welcome to IGEC-III
Welcome to a conference for a future sustainable development!
June 18 - 20, 2007 Västerås, Sweden
Message from Conference Chairs
It is a pleasure to welcome you to IGEC-2007. The field of green energy is multifaceted and involves a broad range of people form a variety of backgrounds. IGEC provides a home for this profession. Within this home can be found a family of researchers, educators, engineers and operators, manufactures and suppliers, consumers and policy makers. Like any family, it is important to come together periodically to learn from each other, share new ideas, announce our successes, and get support to meet difficult challenges. That opportunity comes once a year at our family reunion known as IGEC conference. This young home was originated from Canada and has moved to Sweden in 2007. This year’s conference has been designed to cover many disciplines related to green energy such as renew-able energy, advanced energy conversion technologies and systems, and environmental impacts of energy utilizations. The organization committee has taken efforts and passions to provide a range of net-working opportunities for all who attend. We are proud to present a very strong list of excellent keynote and plenary speakers, paper sessions, penal sessions, special workshop, exhibition, and plant tours. We invite you to make maximum use of the opportunities to engage one another and maintain the high level of professional discourse for which IGEC becomes known. A family reunion is also a time to hang out together and have fun! And what better place and time is than the beautiful summer in Sweden. Bring your family – be part of our family.

Prof. Jinyue Yan
Prof. Erik Dahlquist
On behalf of the Organization Committee

Keynote & invited speakers
Thomas Korsfeldt
Director - General
Swedish Energy Agency
Lars G Josefsson
President and CEO
Vattenfall Group
Björn Stigson
World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD)
Bo Källstrand
Anders Ericsson
Vice President
Mälarenergi AB
Xuangou Li
University of Waterloo
Ibrahim Dincer
University of Ontario

Conference topics Call for papers (PDF)
Renewable and Green Energy Resources and Technologies

Advanced Energy Systems

Energy, Environment and Sustainable Development

Trends in Automation

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Organizer of the 3rd International Green Energy Conference
With support of the Swedish Energy Agency
With support of the Royal Academy of Engineering Sciences
With support of the European Commission